wednesday six - my favourite apps


1. Google Drive
I didn't start using Google Drive until recently it has already made such a difference. I have a folder delegated for each individual client, which stores their questionnaire answers, any notes, and pricing breakdowns.
2. Dropbox
I have known about Dropbox for several years, but never utilised it until this year. Like Google Docs I have a folder delegated for each client and project. Each folder has sub folders for deliverables and any content they need to share with me. I also use it to share progress with clients and it's the best way I have found to deliver files without clogging up people's inbox.
3. Calendar
I have used paper diaries in the past, but I have found it just doesn't work for me. Since so much of my work centres around technology I just use Apple's native Calendar system. It syncs with my phone and computer which means I don't miss a thing. Events can also be put in different time zones which is important for me.
IFTTT is a great resource that connects all your other apps to work for you. I found it a bit overwhelming at first because there are so many options, but once you get the hang of it you can do a lot with it. I certainly do not use this app to its full potential, but it works great for what I use it for.
I use VSCO to edit all my iPhone photos and all the photos I share on instagram, it's easy to use and the interface is divine.
6. Spotifty Premium
I listen to a lot of music, like a lot of music. According to my Spotify year in the music I listened to over 73,000 minutes of music this year alone. So yes, I listen to a lot of music. I have a whole host of playlists, and it's been well worth the $12/month.

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