inspire series - 03


I was sorting through my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago and was surprised by the amount of monochrome 'coloured' clothes that I had. If you had looked at my wardrobe 5/6 years ago, it would have been mostly very bright colours with a fair amount of pink. Now it's mostly greys, geometric prints and basics. I always find it interesting to observe how my taste in clothing (and design) has changed and evolved over the years.

One change that I have definitely noticed is that my process is far more streamlined than it used to be. It starts with gathering inspiration and researching the project, then I create a branding/inspiration board (like the one above) which then feeds into the initial concepts, then the initial concepts are refined into the finished project. It's certainly a much cleaner process.

One of the most helpful pieces of advice that I've read about design (that I still use today) was "design everything in grayscale first". The idea being that colour should enhance the design rather than define it. To this day I still design most initial concepts in grayscale before I add colour.

I have a thing for moody black and whites and my pinterest is absolutely full of them. This 'brand board' isn't actually for a particular project, rather it is an accumulation of monochrome inspiration.

I have limited spots available for new client work so let's talk.

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