interviewed: amy marie


As a part of a new interview series I was able to speak to Amy, a journalist and geek who also happens to be a friend of mine. We chatted about her favourite characters on TV right now, fun experiences she has had and the geek culture. (Please note: this interview was orginally shared on

1. First up, do you remember your first introduction to geek culture and fandoms?
[laughs] It was two fold, first I became involved with the Eragon, that was my introduction to “fandoms” which was cool. Then there were Teen Titans, I was obsessed with them. I actually outlined a whole story in the Teen Titans universe for an English class. I didn’t get the whole story done in time, so I just killed all the characters off and handed it in. So basically at one point I wrote fan fiction for Teen Titans”

2.There are some pretty awesome characters on tv at the moment, who are you favourites?
Sara, “I love Nyssa (Arrow) she’s my bae and of course Felicity, she’s my spirit animal”. And Agent Peggy Carter: I love her strength, I love how she’s portrayed, I think she’s a great fighter, I love how compelling she is. She is one of the few characters who inspires me, that line in the finale “I know my worth" has had a big impact on me personally.

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