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Ellie Berry - Like A Girl This amazing lady can be blamed for introducing me to TV fandoms (Psych!) and the wonderful world of running a business. I remember when I started following her blog 6 years ago and excitedly commenting when she posted new photo sessions. I now have the privilege of calling her my friend. She has been by my side encouraging me in my business and life for nearly 4 years. She's just finished writing a book 'Unfolding Quite Wonderfully' featuring some incredible young entrepreneurs and I'm so excited to see where she takes her dreams and passions.
Ellie Berry - Like A Girl
Tell us about yourself.
I’m Ellie! I’m a wedding photographer for the in love and adventurous and I’m also the founder of Unfolding Passions, an organization all about empowering young people to pursue their dream lives. I’m the oldest of six children (five girls, one boy!) and I’m really passionate about love stories and fish tacos. I love making people feel beautiful and hearing what they are passionate about. Life is so cool!

Ellie Berry - Like A Girl
What do you do?
I touched on this in the previous answer (whoops!) but I’m a photographer, entrepreneur, soon to be published author, and passionate storyteller.

Ellie Berry - Like A Girl
Do you have a dream collaboration?
I’d love to collaborate with Jennifer Lawrence on something. Anything, really.

Ellie Berry - Like A Girl
Who are some women that inspire you?
Lea Michele, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Carly Lloyd to name a few. All women who are strong in their own individual ways.

Ellie Berry - Like A Girl
Most helpful piece of advice someone has given you?
Never let fear stop you from doing what you love.

Ellie Berry - Like A Girl
What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about Jesus and celebrating Him. I’m passionate about people finding out what THEY are passionate about. I’m passionate about living a love-filled, beautifully simple, honest life.

Ellie Berry - Like A Girl
Have there being challenges you faced because you’re a woman? If so, how did you overcome them?
Not really. I work in an industry of mostly women so there’s always been #girlboss power around me. That’s pretty cool.

Ellie Berry - Like A Girl
What is something you wish you had been told you about running a business?
I wish someone had told me that learning as you go and not knowing it all is totally fine. I learn better doing hands-on work rather than in a classroom. Everyone is different.

Ellie Berry
What is Unfolding Passions and how do you want to see it grow?
Unfolding Passions is an organization dedicated to empowering young creative entrepreneurs to pursue their dream lives. I’ve noticed that there are very limited resources for young creative entrepreneurs in the United States and I want to change that. I’ve got big dreams for UP, I’m publishing a photojournalistic book all about young creative entrepreneurs and I want to continue to grow the community through online resources and live events. I’d love to start a podcast for young creative entrepreneurs too. Maybe in the next year. :)

Ellie Berry

Ellie Berry is a wedding and people photo at Ellie Be and the founder of Unfolding Passions! She is a huge fan of Jesus, people, the color yellow, laughter, good TV, and homemade chocolate peanut butter cups.

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