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I have known about Disqus for awhile now. However, I didn't start using it on my own blog until I overhauled it. Whilst I haven't been using it for long I am loving it so far. It's easy to manage and set up plus it automatically links back to this blog when I comment on other sites that use Disqus.
My blog url is rather long and when I share a link to a post the url is even longer and it's kind of ugly to. This is where I use bitly. Apart from shortening the links it also gives you all the analytics, which in my marketing mind is a big plus.

I tweet a lot and I had been looking for a tool to use that would make my life just a bit easier when it came to live-tweeting from multiple accounts. Thanks to Christopher Borque  (a friend of mine)I was re-introduced to TweetDeck. Which I now use for all my personal and work tweetings.

I'll be honest. I haven't used this site to its full potential or nearly as much as I would like. IFTTT is great for connecting all your social media apps. Do you post a photo to Instagram and the do you want it to be posted as a photo on twitter not as a link? You can do that with IFTTT.

By now I'm sure most people have heard of Skype. I use it frequently for client meetings, catching up with friends and podcasting with the TOG crew.

There are many options out there for note taking apps. However, my favourite so far is Evernote. I use it on all of my devices (Laptop, iPad and Phone) and it automatically syncs and backups (a big plus). Meaning I can easily type a note into my phone while I'm out and about and I can access it on my computer as soon as I get home.


This is the main editing tool I use for all my photos on my phone. It's easy to use, there edits are gorgeous and easy to tweak. Plus, I can easily save and share to pretty much anywhere from inside the app.

Not much to say here other than I love music and Spotify is amazing.

This is self explanatory really. Most everybody has heard of or used Pinterest at some point right!? Personally, I love and use Pinterest frequently for a variety of clients and personal projects. As well as collecting inspiration.


Tomboy KC
Here's the thing: Up until recently I haven't had the time nor the money to think about my "personal style". However, over the last few months I took some time to think about my closet and "find my style" so to speak. In "finding my style" I came across this blog run by Lyndsey Eaton, Katie Cassidy, two best friends and I immediately fell in love. Both of them have impeccable taste and the site is a treasure trove of information and advice. Definitely worth checking out.

Literally Patti Murin
I won't bore you with the story about how I started following Patti Murin on twitter. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago, she posted that she started a blog. I of course read the first post. I knew straight away that this was going on my blog list. Patti is honest, encouraging and rather entertaining if you ask me.

The Everygirl
I don't remember how I came across this site, but I certainly remembered the site! The Everygirl has a great variety of articles - everything from beauty and fashion to world politics and interviews. Some of my favourite articles include this one and this one. Go check it out.

Zoe Rooney
The web development world is definitely still a male dominated industry and while that's not a bad thing I am always happy to discover other developers. Zoe is a talented developer and has worked on a variety of amazing projects. Plus she is always posting resources she uses for development and great ideas for all business owners.

also: breanna rose, I'm Kristen, Little Lessy and kenzie kate

Equipment + Software

Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm 1.8 lens
Macbook Pro
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

*note: I haven't been asked or sponsored to say anything above.

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