new years parties, life, and I'm blogging again


some photos from new years eve

It's been awhile, the last time I remember blogging was sometime in early October (can't believe that was nearly 5 months ago). Since then I have finished up school, started working full-time, started writing for an awesome site (here) and moved to a new church. Needless to say life has been a little busy. Thankfully, life slowed down a little over the last couple of weeks, giving me the chance to completely overhaul my blog. I needed a fresh start, so I have moved all my old posts to an archive blog. I rewrote all the content for my pages (check them out, the faq page has an awesome feature) and I have some content ready to share. I have a lot of photography, design and development work to share, plus I'm also finishing up my portfolio site. You can expect a fair few posts about photography and design, plus a little about the numerous TV shows I watch and the music I listen to. :) have an awesome week. (Also thoughts on the new design? I love it!)


  1. THE DESIGN. so so great! and these photos are killer too, and i'm so so happy you're back in the blogging world, lady.

  2. thank you so much <3 - I'm happy to be back!

  3. I love the new design, and I can't wait to see your new posts!

  4. ahhh Emily - thank you so much :)


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